Matteo-Carta all series lenses present better 3-demention (3D) image without distortion when comparing to traditional lenses.
Do you know… Sunshine is a type of electromagnetic radiation wave that released by the sun. It is composed by 50% of Infrared light, 40% of visible light and 10% of Ultraviolet light. The energy of sunlight contains around 52 to 55% of Infrared wave (with more than 780 nm wavelengths), 42 to 43% of visible light (with 400 to 780nm wavelenhths) and 3 to 5% if Ultraviolet wave (with less than 400nm wavelength). Items that emit Infrared wave are way more than items that emit blue lights and Ultraviolet wave in daily life. Blue lights could cause damage to macula, but Infrared wave will cause further damage to the inner part of eyes. While using normal lenses may keep colors in good condition, however the harmful blue light and Infrared wave will damage the eyes at the same time. Matteo-Carta Optical lens can block 50% of short-wave infrared lights, 23% of blue light and 99% of Ultraviolet wave. The lenses can not allow the eyes receive full colors, but also protect the eyes. In addition, when processing a 5-minute experiment with 37.8 Celsius degree, Matteo-Carta lens can resist heat and keep the temperature of lens in good condition. Also, effectively control the photochromic lens to present the best color.